Services for Cyber Security Vendors

idappcom provides industry approved solutions for auditing and enhancing the recognition and response capabilities of corporate security defenses.

Services for Cyber Security Vendors

Idappcom researches and produces both packet captures (pcaps) and Snort Rules (Rules) for use in our own applications. We also offer our pcaps and rules to vendors in the Cyber security arena. We do the work, so you don’t have to. This allows each vendor to then specialise in the areas they feel gives them a unique selling point.

PCAPS (June 2019, 18.5K pcaps)

The PCAPS are all based on proven vulnerabilities that have real exploits in the wild. We do not, normally, cover any vulnerability that does not have an actual exploit. Pcaps are subscribed to by our Traffic IQ users, and they are now available to other security vendors.

RULES (June 2019, 16.5k rules)

Our rules are created for our own IPS services and Rules Managers, and they are now available to other security vendors.

Supply to Vendors includes an initial sale of the library plus a subscription to updates for the basic exploits and Policy rules. A supply of Phishing and Malware sources is also available by separate subscription.

Research Database

Idappcom’s research and production process follows 3 phases;

  1. The gathering of any available publication of vulnerabilities. These are referenced, cross referenced and detailed with as much information as is available. This collection of data runs into the millions of incidences and is PUBLIC information. The objective is to gather as much of the threat landscape and correlate the data in one single database.
  2. The Threat landscape database is then analysed by both automated processes and manual processes to produce a “Production” database. Duplication is eliminated as is any vulnerability that cannot be exploited or there is no known exploit, or the vulnerability has to be exploited by internal issues not connected with any external attack.
  3. Our analysts then work on the production database to drill down into the most serious vulnerabilities that have actual proof of concept exploits and they refine the pcaps and the rules to eliminate false positives, for distribution.

We can now make access to our research database available to Cyber Security Vendors and institutions such as Universities.


Traffic IQ can replay any pcap, including those from ETpro , however any distribution to vendors will be subject to negotiation as to how they are used and any conflict with an existing supply direct from ETPro. ETPro rules are available along with Idappcom rules, for use in our IPS devices. If any vendor wishes to discuss a supply of ETPro rules with Idappcom rules we will be pleased to assist. We are more than happy to deal with the smaller volume user.

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