Rules Applications Feature Matrix

Detailed Feature Comparison

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Rules Applications Feature Matrix

Detailed feature comparison

Easy Rules Creator Easy Rules Manager Distributed Rules Manager
Compatible with these IDS/IPS Sensors:
Any IDS/IPS that uses SNORT™ Formatted Rules
Microsoft Windows Graphic User Interface
Rules Creator & Editor
Regular Expression (Regex) Tester
Base64 Encoder & Decoder
Dashboard View
Rules Library
Policy Manager
SysLog Viewer
Audit Log
Reports Viewer
Sensor Manager
Local IDS (SNORT™ for Windows)
Central Database
Can do these things:
Create Custom SNORT™ Rules
Edit & Tune Already Published SNORT™ Rules
Validate SNORT™ Rule Formatting & Syntax
Import SNORT™ Rules from a Text File
Import Multiple SNORT™ Rules from Multiple Text Files
Import Multiple SNORT™ Rules from Multiple URLs (OINKCODE Compatible)
Import Shared Object SNORT™ Rules
User Defined SNORT™ Rules Import Options
Sort, Filter and Group SNORT™ Rules into Policies
Local Testing of SNORT™ Rules
Packet Capture Analysis against SNORT™ Rules (from file or folder)
Deploy Rules to Multiple IDS/IPS Sensors by Site
Define which Rules Policies are Deployed to which IDS/IPS Sensors
User Defined Deployment Options
Consolidate Missing Flowbit SNORT™ Rules
Securely Transfer Files to and from Remote IDS/IPS Sensors (WinSCP)
Securely Connect to Remote IDS/IPS Sensors using Terminal (SSH)
Securely Restart IDS/IPS Sensor Engine (SSH)
SysLog Alert to SNORT™ Rules Correlation
Forensic Analysis of SysLog Alerts (whois & shodan)
Forensic Analysis of User Actions (by Active Directory Logon)
Compatible with Local Database:
Microsoft SQL Server Express LocalDB
Interoperable with these applications:
WIRESHARK™ (alert filter)
EndaceProbe™ (alert pivot to vision)
Compatible with Remote Distributed Databases:
Microsoft SQL Server Express, Standard and Enterprise
MySQL Server Community, Standard, Enterprise & Cluster.
Run as a Windows Service (Headless Mode):
SysLog Receiver
Pinger (sensor online/offline status check)
Rules Import Scheduler
Rules Deployment Scheduler

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