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idappcom provides industry approved solutions for auditing and enhancing the recognition and response capabilities of corporate security defenses.

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IQ Solutions

The IQ Solutions range of products started life in 2004, with the 'IQ' name featuring prominently in our product naming conventions, marketing materials, and in our IQID referencing scheme.

We would like to make clear that other vendors in the security field who may also use the term 'IQ' are absolutely nothing to do with Idappcom Ltd. We are not responsible for any products or rules that may bear the name 'IQ' in whole or in part that has not been distributed by Idappcom Ltd.

Traffic IQ Professional

Traffic IQ Professional

An advanced software platform specifically developed to audit and enhance the recognition and response capabilities of network based security defenses.

Traffic IQ Gateway

Traffic IQ Gateway

A unique inline software solution for applying Advanced Evasion Techniques (AET) to IP traffic. Fully compatible with Traffic IQ Professional.

Distributed Rules Manager

Distributed Rules Manager

The Distributed Rule Manager (DRM) provides a scalable solution to the problem of managing and maintaining multiple Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) across a distributed network, simultaneously from remote centralised databases.

Easy Rules Manager (Snort)

Easy Rules Manager

The Easy Rules Manager (Snort) provides an intelligent framework for the authoring, management and deployment of Snort rules, using an intuitive interface which helps the user consolidate rule sets from multiple vendors.

Easy Rules Creator (Snort)

Easy Rules Creator (Snort)

The Easy Rules Creator (Snort) provides an intelligent framework for the authoring and creation of Snort rules, using an intuitive interface which helps the user through the syntax and available combinations, preventing the use of invalid options.

Expert Opinions

Testimonials and comments about idappcom IQ solutions from the industries security experts.

"Traffic IQ enables us to simulate thousands of attacks in just a matter of hours. It also allows us to replay benign user operations, in the form of pcaps, in so little time which gives us peace of mind that our rules won't cause false positives. By means of extensive features like command line tool we can integrate packet replay tightly with our products and we have a built a full regression suite around it. TIQ also allows us to do variations in tests e.g. delay in packet replay, repeatability testing, etc."
Pawan Kinger, Senior Manager, Trend Micro.

"Traffic IQ Professional is on my must-have list for performing vulnerability assessments and security audits. It's a serious tool for serious information security professionals."

Kevin Beaver, CISSP Principle Logic, LLC.
Independent information security consultant, speaker, and author of Hacking For Dummies

"With Traffic IQ Pro™ I was able to quickly inject malicious packets into pre-recorded network traces in order to test our anomaly detection algorithms. It's very customizable and easy to use."

Tavaris Thomas PhD.
Internet Research Department Government Communication Lab Bell Laboratories

"The dynamic environment of enterprises makes corporate networks vulnerable to not only security breaches but also unwanted traffic congestions. Traffic IQ Pro is a powerful tool that can capture and replay malicious stateful network traffic sessions and help administrators to plan security proactively before damage escalates to uncontrollable levels."

Rick Justice, Chief Editor.
Info Security Products Guide.

idappcom - Auditing, verifying and enhancing the capabilities of corporate security defences.

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