Idappcom Ltd - News Release - 7th November 2012

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Idappcom Announce Increased Email Exploits

Teston, Kent, UK (7th Nov 2012) - Idappcom announces that exploits which can be attached to an email, are now included in the Traffic IQ Professional Library, including the corresponding SNORT rule.

Social Engineering is rapidly becoming the preferred method of entry for Cyber Criminals and an employee can sometimes be the 'weakest link' to allowing access inside the corporate network. But how do you protect yourself from such attack vectors as email, when the content looks legitimate and you have no way of knowing what is inside a file attachment? Relying on Anti-virus to detect such attacks is not always sufficient and should not be the only way.

Idappcom are now able to test multiple delivery methods for certain types of exploits. Appropriate exploits, which can be attached to an email, are now included in the Traffic IQ Professional Library as POP3 and IMAP traffic files. All associated rules in the rules manager have now been fully tested to alert correctly for various delivery methods. Idappcom customers who currently subscribe to IPS Security Rules can be confident that they are protected against Web and Email attack vectors already.

Idappcom are committed to helping business protect their corporate defences from all methods of entry and have now increased the level of exploits delivered by POP3 and IMAP in the Traffic IQ Professional Library. Testing the capability of your IPS/IDS/UTM to detect against all methods of delivery is the only way to visualise the security posture of your business networks.

The Idappcom Rules library is available on annual subscription. The first year's subscription will entitle the subscriber to a FREE copy of the full library (currently about 3,500 rules) The rules library already includes SNORT format rules that detect the delivery of certain exploits that can exist in attachments.

Subscribers to Traffic IQ Pro will be able to penetration test their IPS/IDS, in your configuration, to ensure that it is able to alert on email attached delivery of exploits.

Subscribers to our Security Rules will be assured that these rules have been fully tested using known attack vectors and are proven to stop the exploit passing the parameter. This will lessen the reliance on desktop security, and users. We do NOT encourage the reduction in diligence at the desktop.


About Idappcom Ltd

Idappcom Ltd is a privately owned UK company, based just outside London. The management have been specialising in security since 2001 through a multi-million dollar international group specialising in user control, security and licence management. The Idappcom business was formed in Guernsey in 2004 and moved to London in 2009. Our clients are worldwide and include the significant vendors of IPS/IDS/Firewall equipment as well as Government and large Enterprise. We have development offices in the UK and India and partner offices across the world. IPS Security Rules is wholly owned by Idappcom Ltd

About Traffic IQ Professional and IPS Security Rules

Traffic IQ Professional is the only Vulnerability/Penetration testing tool that can run on a static (PC or appliance) or portable windows device (Laptop), you do not need expensive blades or other devices. Traffic IQ can run standalone, in a VM, and in Parallel to other applications, such as Load Generators. Idappcom is the only company that provide Traffic files and Security rules to match, enabling an instant fix to any issues found.


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