Idappcom Ltd - News Release - 5th August 2015

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

July Exploit Traffic File Updates Include Latest Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities

5th August 2015 - Ludlow, UK. Idappcom the specialist vendor of network security testing tools has today added 221 new exploit traffic files to the Traffic IQ (TIQ) library. This brings the total number of files currently available to 10,184 of which 8,505 include associated Snort rules.

Traffic IQ is an advanced penetration testing tool which is used to assess the threat response capabilities of network security sensors including firewalls, IDS/IPS, routers and switches. Each month Idappcom researchers publish the latest live exploit traffic files to add to the TIQ library, which ensures that the threat response tests reflect the most up to date vulnerabilities.

In addition, TIQ users and Snort rule subscribers are able to download and apply the relevant rules to prevent a successful exploit typically within a month of the exploit becoming public and usually significantly ahead of the security vendors themselves.

TIQ users can select from an extensive range of application exploits as well as SCADA, Backdoors, DDoS, Security Evasions, Standard Protocols and Malware traffic. The latest batch of file updates include seven of the current Adobe Flash exploits together with the associated Snort rules to enable detection.

Simon Wesseldine, Idappcom's Chief Security Officer commented "Although there have been many new Flash vulnerabilities released by Adobe in the recent weeks, we haven't really seen evidence of a shift away from the delivery mechanisms being used to exploit them. We are not saying don't be vigilant and fully recommend downloading the latest version of Flash Player as soon as possible, but maybe we should not be going into such of a meltdown over this.

Of all the PoCs that idappcom have worked with recently, the Flash documents all show evidence of a different attack method being used against Flash, but the Internet browser delivery methods have been similar. We already have Snort rules in the library, going back over a year that will catch such anomalous behaviour within an Internet Browser, but the latest addition will help to further protect the network where Flash is currently widely used."

Details of the full list of exploit files and associated news can be viewed at and downloaded by following the link


About Idappcom

Idappcom is a privately owned UK security software development company headquartered in Ludlow, Shropshire. Formed in 2004 the company provides penetration testing solutions and SNORT rule writing services for most of the world’s leading security solution vendors.

About Traffic IQ

Traffic IQ Professional is an advanced security testing tool used for assessing, auditing and enhancing the recognition and response capabilities of network based intrusion detection and prevention systems. Use cases include;

  • Regulatory compliance validation and auditing
  • Rule-based egress and regress testing
  • Recognition and response testing
  • Signature development and fine-tuning
  • Change control procedure verification
  • Advanced penetration testing
  • Application protocol and threat traffic scanning

Traffic IQ Professional can be used to assess, audit and test the behavioural characteristics of any non-proxy packet filtering device including;

  • Application layer firewalls
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Routers and switches


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