Idappcom Ltd - News Release - 19th October 2017

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Security for Next-Generation Smart Energy Networks

19th October 2017, Ludlow, UK - Idappcom Ltd are very pleased to announce a collaboration with Keele university.

The Keele Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) provides an exciting opportunity to research and evolve robust smart energy network intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Digitally connected devices in the smart energy networks of the future will include smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy devices and energy efficient components, alongside supervisory applications for command, control and data acquisition. Security will be critically important for these new Smart Energy Internets of Things (SEIoTs) to ensure that they are robustly protected against compromising intrusions and attacks.

Attacks on smart energy networks have the potential for devastating consequences both for the critical infrastructure and for the many users relying on its services. Unfortunately, the risk of failure is exacerbated by a number of factors that increase the vulnerability of operational devices.

This project will research smart energy network risk factors, and will evolve and test robust network intrusion detection and prevention systems via collaboration between Idappcom, manufacturer of industry-approved security solutions, and Keele University Software and Systems Engineering Research. The work will strongly connect with development of the Keele SEND infrastructure and will provide an opportunity for best practice in system security design, by both incorporating security at the beginning and at the centre of the SEND initiative.


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