Idappcom Ltd - News Release - 15th January 2013

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Idappcom Announce a new tool too allow users to manage Snort based security rules

Teston, Kent, UK (January 15th 2013) - Idappcom Ltd., a UK based provider of Traffic Replay Tools, pcaps and SNORT based security rules, have announced the creation of a new rule management tool - "Easy Rules Selector".

This new tool allows users of the Idappcom snort based security rules to view all the information relating to the security rule and the threat that it is intended to mitigate, including all external references (CVE etc), and to export the rules selectively for deployment on an appliance.

Manage the Idappcom security rules database

Idappcom Ltd. is the author of Traffic IQ Professional™, a traffic replay tool that allows security professionals to test the effectiveness of IP based filtering devices, and the creator of high quality Snort based security rules. The security rules are based on captures of "real world" attacks and are the result of many years of research. The Idappcom threat library contains over 5600 pcap files and the rules library has over 3500 security rules.

With this new tool users of Idappcom security rules can manage their use more effectively. The UI is very intuitive and makes the task of analysing historical and monthly updates simple and quick. The extensive information held in the database for each rule, and the build-in links to external reference sources, enables total accuracy in rule selection, which helps to avoid deploying rules that do not apply to specific environments. The tool allows information viewing by column selection, field parameters, Boolean logic etc. No other Snort rules viewer is as comprehensive as the helper application; "Easy Rules Selector".

A Truly Cost Effective Solution

The security rules, available through IPS Security Rules (an entity wholly owned by Idappcom Ltd.), are based on actual proven exploits where the original malicious traffic has been tested and captured. They are of a very high quality and available at a price point that cannot be matched through individual development. The depth of information available for each rule / threat and the links to external sources entails a significant amount of research that is cost prohibitive for most organisations / individuals.

Users can subscribe to a monthly supply of new rules on an annual subscription basis which also entitles them to access the current full library. Additionally this allows them to obtain a free copy of the helper application, "Easy Rules Selector"

This makes the Idappcom security rules and the library viewer the most cost effective solution available in the market.


About Idappcom Ltd

Idappcom Ltd is a privately owned UK company, based just outside London. The management have been specialising in security since 2001 through a multi-million dollar international group specialising in user control, security and licence management. The Idappcom business was formed in Guernsey in 2004 and moved to London in 2009. Our clients are worldwide and include the significant vendors of IPS/IDS/Firewall equipment as well as Government and large Enterprise. We have development offices in the UK and India and partner offices across the world. IPS Security Rules is wholly owned by Idappcom Ltd

About Traffic IQ Professional and IPS Security Rules

Traffic IQ Professional is the only Vulnerability/Penetration testing tool that can run on a static (PC or appliance) or portable windows device (Laptop), you do not need expensive blades or other devices. Traffic IQ can run standalone, in a VM, and in Parallel to other applications, such as Load Generators. Idappcom is the only company that provide Traffic files and Security rules to match, enabling an instant fix to any issues found.


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