Idappcom Ltd - News Release - 14th September 2012

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Idappcom Announce A New Source For IPS / IDS / UTM Snort Based Security Rules

Teston, Kent, UK (14th Sep 2012) - Idappcom Ltd., a UK based provider of Traffic Replay Tools and pcaps, have announced the creation of a new entity, IPS Security Rules - . By creating this new entity Idappcom Ltd. have widened the choice for security professionals when selecting rules suppliers.

High Quality Snort Based IPS Signatures

Idappcom Ltd. is the author of Traffic IQ Professional™, a traffic replay tool that allows security professionals to test the effectiveness of IP based filtering devices.

The development process of TIQ Pro has involved Idappcom in the research and capture of network based attacks and threats for over 9 years. During this time Idappcom became increasingly aware of the varying quality of security rules / signatures that were available to organizations to mitigate network threats / attacks. In late 2010 Idappcom decided to start production of high quality security rules / signatures based on the common SNORT format and now have a library of over 3000 rules, which is updated each month with between 50 and 150 new rules.

Idappcom Snort signatures are of the highest quality and are based on real threats / attacks - not theoretical ones. Signatures are designed "from the ground up" to prevent attacks getting through the IP filtering devices and penetrating the network. They are based on the real attack / threat captures researched by the Idappcom team, which are included in their TIQ library of traffic files.

The security rules have been created in the common Snort format as so many vendors of IPS/IDS/UTM can either use these rules in the native format or can import them in to their particular format.

A Ready Made Solution

Care needs to be taken when sourcing security rules where the origin of the rule is unknown. Correcting and refining such rules can be very time consuming and may not produce a rule of sufficient quality. Idappcom build rules based on actual proven exploits where the original malicious traffic has been tested and captured. Many security professional are more than competent to create security rules themselves and whilst this is true it is more than a full time job to create the sheer volume of rules / signatures that are required to successfully protect an organization.

For a fraction of that cost you can purchase security rules / signatures from "IPS Security Rules", developed by a team dedicated to the task.


About Idappcom Ltd

Idappcom Ltd is a privately owned UK company, based just outside London. The management have been specialising in security since 2001 through a multi-million dollar international group specialising in user control, security and licence management. The Idappcom business was formed in Guernsey in 2004 and moved to London in 2009. Our clients are worldwide and include the significant vendors of IPS/IDS/Firewall equipment as well as Government and large Enterprise. We have development offices in the UK and India and partner offices across the world. IPS Security Rules is wholly owned by Idappcom Ltd

About Traffic IQ Professional and IPS Security Rules

Traffic IQ Professional is the only Vulnerability/Penetration testing tool that can run on a static (PC or appliance) or portable windows device (Laptop), you do not need expensive blades or other devices. Traffic IQ can run standalone, in a VM, and in Parallel to other applications, such as Load Generators. Idappcom is the only company that provide Traffic files and Security rules to match, enabling an instant fix to any issues found.


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