News Release - 31st October 2014

Traffic IQ Professional v2.1.4 released.

News Release for 31st October 2014

New version of Traffic IQ Pro v2.1.4

A maintenance release, featuring bugfixes and stability improvements.

Change Log

Traffic IQ Pro v2.1.4 - 31st October 2014

New customer requested feature implemented: The HTTP "Host:" header is now updated if the host value matches the destination IP address. Any additional port number is also modified if necessary.

Bugfix for intermittent application hang with database preparation on server platform.

Bugfix to display correct IQID from Report Viewer.

Easy Rules Selector progress bar UI fix.

Command Line Utility:
Bug fix to enable full file path in -scanfile and -groupfile options
Bug fix for playing traffic files from within scripts executed from the command line
Stability enhancements

PPPoE frames are now skipped correctly, instead of stopping playback of the traffic file with an error in Traffic IQ Pro

Traffic IQ Pro and Traffic IQ Gateway now use the full industry standard WinPcap (v4.1.3) packet engine, updated for Windows 8.1 compatibility

Installers updated with new Configuration Tutorial to assist first time users with their setup

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