News Release - 3rd February 2014

This Traffic IQ Professional update for 3rd February 2014 contains the latest application exploits, threats and security evasion techniques along with technical data and high quality security rules.

News Release for 3rd February 2014

New version of Traffic IQ Pro and Easy Rules Selector

Traffic IQ Professional v2.1.0

This month, the Traffic File Updates require a new installation of Traffic IQ Professional (2.1.0) and/or the Easy Rules Selector applications.

The Traffic File updates will not work with older versions of the applications, but the new application will work with your existing traffic files (kar and pcap).

We have made further improvements to Traffic IQ Pro, the Easy Rules selector and the Evasion gateway. These changes will facilitate further product development this year and an easier integration of these and new products on our development plan. The changes we have made to the application and the product key management will mean that future upgrades will have an even smother transition.

As well as continuing development of existing functions in both the user interface and command line utility, and including additional sample scripts, we have added enhanced IP Address numbering when replaying pcaps containing multiple sessions as a client requested feature.

The next product to be released will be the Easy Rules Creator (Snort). This is the first in a family of products that help in the creation of rules and signatures. The integration of applications and libraries will allow the efficient identification of exploits that need the application of rules/signatures, the import from our (or eventually) external libraries, the creation and editing of these rules and the deployment into the security structure for your particular configuration. The ability to easily create new Snort rules makes the product a very useful, time saving, standalone product for those who spend their time creating and or editing Snort rules.

Change Log

Traffic IQ Pro v2.1.0 - 3rd February 2014

Enhanced IP Address numbering when replaying pcaps containing multiple sessions

Bugfix to UI's "Save command line defaults" feature to correctly save traffic direction for the KaraCLI.exe command line utility

Change to licence key to facilitate the rollout of new versions and bugfixes

Minor user interface adjustments and fixes

Traffic IQ Professional Appliance owners have been notified that the AutoUpdater service has itself had a minor update (v1.0.10), which now makes it synchronised with your idappcom website account. Administrators will need to activate this new version by first copying your licence .key file into the AutoUpdater's Program Files directory, and then restarting the service.

Three extra sample scripts for our Scripting Engine are included. They demonstrate how to customise and augment Traffic IQ Professional's core functionality.

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