News Release - 24th November 2014

Idappcom's Holiday gift for 2014

News Release for 24th November 2014

Idappcom's Holiday gift for 2014


It’s just a few weeks to Xmas and some of you will be considering what your gift/social budget will be, or how to spend what you have been allocated. How many bottles of wine, logo golf balls, diaries, calendars etc. You may even be wasting precious time making up lists of who gets what, who could be offended with what they get (no one is ever happy!)

We would like to introduce to you an idea of ours, so that you may adopt it and even spread the thought to others. Our corporate spend this year will be reallocated to three Charities; same amount, just three payments - no time wasted, maximum real "goodwill to all men" (and women and children of course!)

The Charities we support will ensure many people will receive far more than we individually could ever give.

Happy holiday, from everyone at idappcom

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