News Release - 21st January 2014

Idappcom's Christmas gift for 2013

News Release for 21st January 2014

Idappcom's Christmas gift for 2013

Here are some questions for you all.

Did you get anything from your employer for Christmas? What did you get? Were you happy with it? Was it what you wanted?

Here at Idappcom, we decided to do things differently for Christmas 2013.

We made the decision to not waste money on a Staff Party, or to get 'Secret Santa' gifts that would most probably be the wrong thing anyway.

Instead, we gave donations to these three important charities:

  • Salvation Army
  • Child Line
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution

As Christmas is a time for giving, we chose to give to others rather than ourselves. These donations will benefit many more people than we could have done as individuals, and they will go some way to assist these organisations to continue the valuable work that they do helping those in need.

Would you have preferred if your employer had decided to this for your organisation instead?

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