News Release - 18th March 2014

The End of Windows XP - 8th April 2014

The End of Windows XP - 8th April 2014

Don't Panic! 8th April is a long way off. (Ok do Panic!)

There are some steps that the Win XP user can take which will improve their security without too much effort.

XP End Of Support

  • If at all possible, do a clean install of Win XP and any applications that are really needed (spring clean)
  • Install a highly respected AV software
  • Run every update available for all software installed
  • Buy a really good router, with good HARDWARE firewall
  • Make sure any existing router/firewall has latest firmware
  • Use a browser other than IE
  • Create a user (if you don't have one already) that has no Administrator rights. Sign on as that user for day to day use and only use the admin account when you need admin rights for upgrades etc
  • Keep checking and running MS updates until such time as they stop

In this way you will be increasing protection and removing the MS software that is generally regarded as the most exploited, IE and admin rights vulnerabilities.

Ray Bryant, March 2014

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