News Release - 15th June 2015

Traffic IQ Professional v2.2.0 released.

News Release for 15th June 2015

New version of Traffic IQ Pro v2.2.0

A new feature release, featuring bugfixes and stability improvements.

Change Log

Traffic IQ Pro v2.2.0 - 15th June 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of Traffic IQ Pro version 2.2.0

The new release (2.2.0) will consolidate all fixes and functional changes since 2.1.1, and be the first issue of additional bug fixes and functionality since v2.1.4.

There are a multitude of minor changes requested by clients or created by changes to the newer operating systems and/or devices being tested, these are not listed. In summary the main changes are:

  • Modifications that relate to Windows 8.1 and known, coming, changes in Windows 10
  • New Advanced Traffic Replay Option: Fragment Grown/Jumbo frames
  • Replay Linux-Cooked capture format files
  • Better error messages in reports database for traffic files with no re-playable packets
  • Addition of a double click to drill down to packets from traffic file
  • Added error message for traffic files with no re-playable packets
  • Ability to select the Allowed/Blocked icon style
  • The HTTP "Host:" header is now updated if the host value matches the destination IP address. Any additional port number is also modified if necessary.
  • Traffic IQ Pro and Traffic IQ Gateway now use the full industry standard WinPcap (v4.1.3) packet engine, updated for Windows 8.1/10 compatibility
  • Additional functionality to Easy Rules Selector for exporting rules

Should you require any further information or require a talk with our technical team, please contact us.

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