Licence Options

License options available for IQ Solution products.

Evaluation Licenses

Traffic IQ Professional

If you would like an evaluation licence for Traffic IQ Professional, please follow these four steps;

  1. Register, activate and sign in to a user account
  2. Download and install the application
  3. Run the application and select "Help" then "About" from the application's main menu
  4. Click the link in the pop-up window to request a licence key via email or the web

As soon as we receive your request, we'll create an evaluation licence key and email it straight back to you.

If you prefer, you can request a licence key via the web now by clicking the button below.

We'll need to know your email address so we can send you your licence key and we'll also need to know the unique ID number of your installation. Just click "Help" then "About" in your Traffic IQ application to display your unique ID Number.


If you have any questions or you would like more information, please let us know.


Licence Options

Licensing Options Explained

All idappcom products are covered by an End User Licence Agreement (EULA). The agreement is downloaded with all products and has to be accepted before installation can proceed. It is a legal agreement, in legal terminology. There are some practical answers to licensing issues that just cannot be put in an EULA. What I will try to do here is outline some of the practical commercial perspectives; this is not part of the EULA but may be used to interpret the EULA.

Traffic IQ is one product, controlled by 'keys' that lock or unlock functionality.

  • Keys with Limited Functionality
  • Keys with Full Functionality
  • Annual Fees
  • Vendor Speciality conditions

Keys with Limited Functionality


When you first download Traffic IQ, you will not need a key for 15 days, during this time you will be able to make a review to ensure that your understandings of the functions are those you were expecting, and ask our support team any questions you may have. We would strongly recommend a demonstration at this stage. Our 'get you started' demos are conducted in on-line meeting, with a real person from our technical team who can help you get the most from the next stage, a trial version. Thirty minutes invested at this time can save you hours later. To arrange a demo please complete the information on the contact us page.


When you have reviewed, and hopefully taken advantage of a technical demonstrations, you will be able to apply for a 30 day key that unlocks the functionality of the application. This will enable a comprehensive trial of all application functionality. Sample files are included and you can run or import any 'pcaps' you may have in your personal library. The files we provide are for evaluation purposes only and do not in any way represent the complete library supplied with the full version.

You will be required to register before you can download the trial key. This information is required for us to be able to identify you, to activate the product and to help, should you need any assistance with installation.

During the trial period you are welcome to contact us for advice or, if you have not already done so, for technical demonstration.

Keys with Full Functionality

After the initial 15 day review and then 30 day evaluation period, you will no longer have a licence to use Traffic IQ and need to either remove the software or proceed to purchase the product.

When you decide to purchase a licence, no further download is required unless there has been an application update. A new key is issued depending on the licence type you choose. You can apply for a Consultants 90 day licence (subscription) or full perpetual licence key. These will not be issued unless you have previously ordered and paid for the licence. This can be done through our web site, or by contact with our sales office.

Traffic IQ Professional Perpetual Licence

The full application licence is perpetual. It remains perpetual from the version downloaded or in existence at the expiry of maintenance and support. In other words, if maintenance and update subscriptions cease then the application licence remains perpetual but there is no right for further upgrade, update or on-going support.

The full licence will replay idappcom traffic files (.kar) and pcap files. All functions are enabled.

All applicable historical traffic files and security rules (end users only) are included plus 1 year maintenance and traffic files and security rules (end users only) updates. The file updates are issued in twelve, monthly, downloads. See detail below regarding Vendors speciality licence.

Traffic IQ Subscription licences

Traffic IQ may be, under certain circumstances, purchased for limited periods. These are described in the EULA as a "subscription product".

Subscription products are not in any way perpetual for the application nor any files associated with the application. This allows us to make them available at a relevant favourable price from our sister site via the "Shop Online" facility

Demand will dictate what we are able to offer; at the moment we have:

  • Consultants Pack
  • Education Pack
  • Government Pack
Consultants Pack

The product is fully functional but will only replay .pcap files. Historical traffic files (.kar) and associated security rules are NOT provided and you will have NO access to monthly updates.

The consultant licence will last for 90 days from issue of a key.

The consultants licence is ideal for those wishing to carry out extensive trials, bake-offs and short term projects and for consultants who want to use the product at a client site and leave the product for subsequent remote management.

It is not possible to install more than one 90 day key per machine; however there is no limit to the number of times a new 90 day key can be re-licensed on the same or different machines.

Individual traffic files in our proprietary 'kar' format can be made available for specific projects. The project needs will determine the files needed, so please do contact us to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for information about obtaining this special pack.

Education Pack

Traffic IQ is the tool of choice for most Network Security equipment vendors, large corporations and consultants who have the skills required to carry out detailed Penetration Testing.

To further the skills pool we have been asked to provide Traffic IQ to both tutors and students engaged in recognised course in IT management and specific security disciplines.

To meet that need we have now made available a pack especially for recognised learning establishments. This is a fully functioning application plus an extensive sample pack of exploits.

The subscription is for one year and includes any upgrades to the application.

The pack is used by teachers as an aide to the teaching of:

  • Network management
  • Firewall functions
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • SIEM management
  • Pcap collection
  • Rule/Signature development
  • Validating Load generation

It is also used by students to learn:

  • Device management
  • Configuration Change management
  • Rule/Signature management
  • Penetration Testing

Please contact us for information about obtaining this special pack.

Applications from students will need to be backed by detail of the college and the course attended, with Tutor email address.

Government Pack

Traffic IQ is the tool of choice for most Network Security equipment vendors and large corporations. Government is a special case where procurement requirements need handling by our regional partners who have the knowledge of these special requirements.

Our local partners have asked us to make a pack especially for Government organisations.

This is a single user, annual subscription based supply that includes:

  • Traffic IQ Professional application
  • Support and upgrades to Traffic IQ
  • The Traffic Library (at time of writing, 9000 files)
  • A year's supply of the monthly traffic updates

The functionality of Traffic IQ and the benefits are document throughout the web site. Of particular interest to Government organisations, including Military operations are:

  • Portability, can be used in:
    • Live network environments
    • Test laboratories
    • In the field, it can be easily installed on normal and ruggedized laptops for mobile use
  • Works wired and/or wireless
  • Can play own specialised developed pcaps, including those collected by Airpcap.
  • 'Stealth Mode' operation, whereby you can turn the Window TCP Stack off, for the TIQ network facing interfaces.
  • Built in Scripting Engine, can be used for many purposes, including attacking an endpoint.
  • In good company, used by all major IPS/NGFW vendors like Cisco/Sourcefire/IBM and test labs like NSS

The Government Pack subscriptions are priced at special rates but can only be purchased via our authorised resellers

Annual fees

The first year's updates, upgrades and support are included in the initial Traffic IQ Pro licence purchase.

From the expiry of the initial 12 months included within the Traffic IQ licence, additional years support, upgrades and updates to traffic files, and security rules, can be purchased.

Traffic Files

These files are copyright owned by Idappcom Ltd. They are supplied to all licensees, they are for licensee’s use only and may not, under any circumstances be sold or copied for redistribution.

Security Rules

These files are copyright owned by Idappcom Ltd. They are supplied to end users only. Security rules are not supplied under any normal licence to Vendors of equipment or any vendor of security rules, whether for sale or free distribution. They are they are for licensee’s use only and may not, under any circumstances, be sold or copied for redistribution.

Vendors of Security Equipment or Security Rules

Traffic files and Security Rules

Under separate and specific agreement, Idappcom Ltd may give vendors the right to copy or redistribute any Idappcom Ltd copyrighted product. Including, but not limited to, Traffic IQ professional, Traffic files, Security rules and Scripts. Individual commercial agreements may be entered into by arrangement.

Technology and Files Included in Other Vendor’s Product

Through various commercial agreements, Idappcom Ltd licenses, both technology and data for use in products sold and marketed by other vendors. Idappcom Ltd does not accept any liability or responsibility to support or provide any replacement licence for such products. Any licence of other vendor’s products does not imply a licence to any Idappcom Ltd product.

However, should any situation arise where another vendors product is purchased on the basis that it is similar or the same as Traffic IQ and it does not meet your requirements, then Idappcom Ltd will consider a sympathetic approach to licencing Idappcom Products to replace the functionality expected and available within Traffic IQ.

If you would like more information or to contact idappcom, please click a button below.