Innovator's Programme

Do you know how software should work?
You could be an idappcom Innovator!

Innovator's Programme


Would you like to play an active part in the development of some of our new products? You can have your say and influence the future direction of some exciting applications.

From time to time we will be giving applications to a select group of people to use and participate in a feedback activity.

How does this work?

Contact us through the contact page, telling us which product you would be interested in, and if you are selected, our development team will contact you to establish how and what is expected from you.

What would you gain from this?

Each product will have its rewards program, such as free licences, or free licences and support for 1 year.

What is expected from you?

Regular feedback on any install or running issues plus a contribution to the future development of the product range(s).

Available for participation, now!

Check out our current projects below.

Easy Rules Creator (SNORT)

Easy Rules Creator (Snort)
Easy Rules Creator (SNORT)

We are pleased to announce that the application is now ready for general release for further detail please go to the Easy Rules Creator product page or to purchase now please go to our sister site IPS Security Rules to buy now.


We would like to thank everyone who participated in the final development stages of the application by feeding back suggestions, this makes you eligible for a free subscription until 31st December 2014. Those who just downloaded and gave no feedback are not regarded as 'participating'.

The Evasion gateway

The availability of 'Kits', the retirement of XP and Server 2003, and the revival of old exploits has increased the number or old attacks that now succeed again by simply applying simple evasion techniques. The inability of some IPS devices to detect evasions is also encouraging the use of Evasions.

Traffic IQ Gateway
Traffic IQ Gateway

Idappcom have used an application in their testing labs for many years, we have now decided to develop this application further in an effort to keep up with the majority of techniques currently being used. The GUI is simple to use, multiple techniques can be applied to any traffic passing through the gateway but it's major benefit is when used in conjunction with Traffic IQ.

For more information please see the Traffic IQ Gateway product page


All participants will be entitled to a licence for this version until Dec 2014, this will include all fixes.

Contact us for download instructions. A key will be required. Apply via our contact page.