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Traffic IQ Professional

The complete traffic file replay and reporting solution.

Version: v2.2.3
Platforms: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
Size: 73MB

Traffic IQ Gateway

The inline Advanced Evasion Techniques solution.

Version: v1.2.3
Platforms: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
Size: 7MB


NB: Windows 7 or 8 users may see an alert from the "Program Compatibility Assistant" saying that your application might not have installed correctly. Simply click the "This program installed correctly" button to continue.

System Requirements

Click here for hardware and software requirements.

Latest Traffic File Installers

All Traffic Files for Traffic IQ Professional (including Library database)

All updates in a single package (2005-2020)
Size: 409MB


Monthly Individual Traffic File Updates (including Library database)

December 2020 21MB
November 2020 21MB
October 2020 21MB
September 2020 24MB
August 2020 20MB
July 2020 20MB
June 2020 20MB
May 2020 20MB
April 2020 20MB
March 2020 25MB
February 2020 20MB
January 2020 19MB
December 2019 19MB
November 2019 19MB
October 2019 19MB
September 2019 19MB
August 2019 19MB
July 2019 19MB
June 2019 18MB
May 2019 18MB
April 2019 18MB
March 2019 18MB
February 2019 18MB
January 2019 18MB
December 2018 17MB
November 2018 17MB
October 2018 17MB
September 2018 17MB
August 2018 17MB
July 2018 17MB
June 2018 19MB
May 2018 16MB
April 2018 16MB
March 2018 16MB
February 2018 14MB
January 2018 17MB
December 2017 14MB
November 2017 14MB
October 2017 14MB
September 2017 14MB
August 2017 13MB
July 2017 14MB
June 2017 13MB
May 2017 14MB
April 2017 15MB
March 2017 13MB
Februray 2017 13MB
January 2017 13MB
December 2016 18MB
November 2016 63MB
October 2016 62MB
September 2016 19MB
August 2016 18MB
July 2016 16MB
June 2016 61MB
May 2016 58MB
April 2016 55MB
March 2016 62MB
February 2016 53MB
January 2016 53MB

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