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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This is our initial cookie policy towards achieving privacy compliance for all visitors to our site. Our aim is to address the legal compliance aspects, but also be open about our conduct.

Aside from the additional information provided by this update, the operation of the Idappcom website has not been modified. The detail contained within this page is provided to ensure you are fully aware of the 'cookies' we have in use, allowing you to make an informed choice about your continued acceptance of them.

We are currently examining all elements of our web operations and as we add features we will the ensure we meet EU guidelines relating to protecting your privacy online - we want you to be confident in using our site, and for you to be more than satisfied that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

If you participate in our surveys, your survey opinion will be collected. If you provide your resume to us through, for instance, the Careers section of our web site, we will also collect this information.

About Cookies on The idappcom Website

"Cookies" are used on almost every website. They are small text files that are saved on your computer to help the site perform a number of functions.

We do not use cookies for tracking users, displaying customised content or storing information about users, nor do we store any information other than log files created by the web server itself.

The login system does however, use a “session based token” (or cookie) to determine if an authenticated user is authenticated or not. This token is not persistent, contains no information at all, and dies with the closure of the session.

The Login Cookies ("session based token") used by the Idappcom website

  •  Do not contain any personally identifiable information about you or information such as passwords.
  •  Do not (and cannot) allow us to access other information stored on your computer.
  •  Do not (and cannot) give us information about other websites you visit or your activities on other websites.
  •  Do not store any information about you that others could read and understand, or in any way compromise your security.
  •  Do not allow us to see how people arrive at our site (e.g. search for ‘Idappcom’ on a search engine, or click on an email we have sent).
  •  Do not allow us to collectively gather technical information about people using our site, such as their geographic location (to city level) and the type of web browsers they are using. We cannot identify where you, as an individual, are located or the software or services you are using.
  •  Do not allow us to display adverts on other websites, to people who have previously accessed the Idappcom website. We cannot identify individuals to whom adverts may be displayed.
  •  Do not allow the website to recall certain settings and preferences to make using the Idappcom site easier. We cannot identify what your individual preferences or settings are.
  •  Do not allow us to monitor the number of people using our website. We cannot identify what you, as an individual, do on our site.
  •  Do allow us to provide a service whereby people can access their account, join forums, and download updates to libraries.

Types of cookie used on the Idappcom website

Session cookies are stored on your computer when registered users login and remain available for the duration of your login. When you close your browser, any session cookies that have been set will be automatically removed from your computer’s memory.

The classification developed by the International Chamber of Commerce describes our cookie as:
Strictly necessary cookies are cookies that are essential in providing specific services you have requested from us. In this case the definition is - Maintaining a logged-in session on our website.

If you have any further questions, would like any further clarification around our use of cookies or wish to discuss how we are embracing online privacy, please email us at