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Increase Threat Detection

Using Idappcom's industry approved software solutions and Snort based security rules can greatly increase the effectiveness of your intrusion prevention and detection systems.

Traffic IQ Professional

idappcom's flagship network assessment tool.

The industry approved software solution for assessing, auditing and enhancing the threat recognition and response capabilities of network based intrusion detection and prevention systems.

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Traffic IQ Gateway

idappcom's unique inline software solution for applying Advanced Evasion Techniques (AET) to IP traffic for evaluating the threat recognition and response capabilities of your corporate security defences.

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Traffic IQ Library

Our comprehensive database is now online, with more than 21,000 articles documenting the latest threats and exploits, available now at your fingertips.

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IQ Solutions by idappcom

idappcom provides unique industry approved software solutions for auditing and enhancing the threat recognition and response capabilities of your corporate security defences.

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IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions by idappcom

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Reduce the Cost of Ownership

idappcom's software solutions and security signatures can help you save time and money. Click here to see how.

Highest Levels of Network Defence

Performance tune and prove security effectiveness

Traffic IQ Professional provides the ideal security assessment platform to audit and validate the effectiveness of your existing security defences.

Use Traffic IQ Professional to performance tune, increase threat detection capabilities and prove security compliance to the highest possible standards in four easy steps;

  1. Assess your existing defence capabilities
  2. Performance tune defences by removing redundant and obsolete rules
  3. Apply high quality security rules from the Traffic IQ Library
  4. Reassess to prove the highest levels of defence and compliance

Traffic IQ Professional in conjunction with the Traffic IQ Library will enable you to quickly and effectively assess and enhance the capabilities of network based security devices such as intrusion detection and prevention systems.

IQ Solution Applications
IQ Solutions by idappcom, Traffic IQ Professional and Traffic IQ Library.

IQ Solutions

The IQ Solutions range of products started life in 2004, with the 'IQ' name featuring prominently in our product naming conventions, marketing materials, and in our IQID referencing scheme.

We would like to make clear that other vendors in the security field who may also use the term 'IQ' are absolutely nothing to do with Idappcom Ltd. We are not responsible for any products or rules that may bear the name 'IQ' in whole or in part that has not been distributed by Idappcom Ltd.

idappcom - Auditing, verifying and enhancing the capabilities of corporate security defences.

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