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Valued partners whom we work with to share information and technology advances in IT security and networking

Cobham Wireless offers a wide range of cutting-edge development and test tools for advanced networks, testing all key wireless, cellular and IP technologies worldwide. Our IP, cellular and wireless network test solutions enable our customers to analyse, develop and validate the performance and capability of a wide variety of network functions and devices.

Cobham Wireless TeraVM is a network performance validation tool; that generates traffic scenarios with realism and scale. TeraVM is used for performance validation of network functions and application services in the lab, datacenter and/or cloud.

By emulating stateful applications of voice, video and data our customers can validate network performance as experienced by the end user.

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Critical Intelligence is the pioneer and authority in Industrial Control Systems, or SCADA, Cyber Situational Awareness and Threat Intelligence. We provide our customers with unparalleled insight into the threats, vulnerabilities and cyber issues facing industrial control system asset owners, operators and stakeholders such as suppliers and government entities. Our ICS Cyber Situational Awareness and Threat Intelligence service covers: Potential Adversary Indications and Warnings, ICS Specific Vulnerabilities, ICS Technical and Market Developments, ICS Software and Firmware Updates, Developments in ICS Defense, Attack Tools that Potentially Affect ICS, and ICS Network Activity. We help you make better informed risk management decisions.

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1970 E. 17th Street
Suite 104
Idaho Falls, ID 83404, USA
+1 208-965-2114

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Miercom is a leading, independent product test center with hundreds of its product-comparison analyses published over the years in leading network trade periodicals. Our reports regularly appear in Business Communications Review – NoJitter, Communications News, Internet Telephony, Network World, xchange and other publications.

Miercom features comprehensive certification and test programs including Certified Interoperable, Certified Reliable, Certified Secure and Certified Green. Products may also be evaluated under the NetWORKS As Advertised™ program, in which networking-related products must pass a comprehensive, independent assessment of their usability and performance as compared to advertised specifications.

Miercom utilises Idappcoms Traffic IQ in its test procedures and certification programme. High level technical information is shared to provide a constantly improving Penetration testing product and methodology.

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idappcom - Auditing, verifying and enhancing the capabilities of corporate security defences.

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